10 reasons why it’s good my father died

Well this might sound a bit rash to you. But a wise man* once said to me that it is possible to find something useful in any situation. No matter if your house just burned down or if you lost your job – there is a hidden lesson in every experience.

My father died recently and I came up with this list because I had to keep my mind busy. I had decided to read a poem at church but was afraid the tears would stop me.

This list kept my mind busy so I did not cry
1: State management: I learned a method to prevent me from crying in the church and enable me to read my poem with a clear, strong voice

2: Meeting relatives. At the funeral I met a lot of nice relatives I have not seen in years.

3: Socks. I have now inherited some of my father’s warm and woolen socks.

4: Letting people know. I realized it truly is important to tell people I love them before it is too late.

5: Getting the most out of it. And by it I mean life. It is short and I will do my best to live it to the max.

6: Old stories. Finally there will be no more telling the old stories from when father was a kid. I have heard them all a thousand times. At least! But I suspect I soon will miss them too.

7: Finally my dad stopped smoking.

8: Sorry. I could not come up with more reasons why it is good my father died.

*that wise man is Jesper Caron



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