Monthly Archive: May 2015

Welcome to Brain And Soul

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…life is so much more than working from 9 – 5 year in and year out…!

There must be more to life than working on somebody else’s dream; hoping that when I retire I have saved enough money and health to go and do all the things I have postponed.

But since politicians are changing the age of retirement, taxes are rising and banks are not to be trusted – who knows how the world is going to look like when I turn 70?

I dream of being free

I live in Southern Sweden with my husband and our two dogs. I do not have dogs instead of children. I have dogs because I love dogs. I am not crazy about kids.

Every day I go to work and dream of becoming financially free. I dream of the day where I set the agenda; I decide when to get out of bed and decide how I want to spend the precious hours of my life.

10 reasons why it’s good my father died

Well this might sound a bit rash to you. But a wise man* once said to me that it is possible to find something useful in any situation. No matter if your house just burned down or if you lost your job – there is a hidden lesson in every experience.

My father died recently and I came up with this list because I had to keep my mind busy. I had decided to read a poem at church but was afraid the tears would stop me.

This list kept my mind busy so I did not cry….