Monthly Archive: July 2015

Life is Either a Daring Adventure…

Yesterday I did something really SPECTACULAR! I both challenged myself AND reached a goal on my Bucket List.


I did this by driving the smashed up remaining of something that used to be a car – racing to be the first crossing the finishing line. Doing this is actually a common recreation event for people in Sweden. The name for it is FOLKRACE.

Folkrace is one of the most crazy sports ever.

Try taking a risk

Comfort Zone Challenge #3: Hands to the Sky

This third Comfort zone Challenge was all about DESENSITIZATION. The challenge was to walk through a crowded place with my hands in the air. WHY? Because very often we are afraid of being loud, sticking out from the crowd or just plainly doing something weird in public....

Bringing Till Gross to Sweden

Bringing Till Gross to Sweden

The creator of the Comfort Zone Crusher Till H. Gross is comming to Malmo, Sweden in the fall of 2015. The date and place is yet to be decided. If you want to parcipitate in his seminar please send me an email  on      ...