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The Scandinavian Curse

The Scandinavian Curse

A depressing key feature of the part of Scandinavia where I live is the weather. During  five months of the year it is 50 Shades of Grey. And that is not in some kind of kinky, sexy way of life. It it simply just 50 different ways of grey weather.

Hardly any sun. A lot of fog. And most of the time a combination of fog and rain. This is the Scandinavian Curse.

This Scandinavian weather that makes Mordor seem like a nice place …..


Do You Dare to Pick a Strawberry?

Do You Dare to Pick a Strawberry?

Have you ever felt like there was a time when you were surrounded by several exciting possibilities and then suddenly they were all gone? When we are young we tend to look at life as a big smorgasbord filled with different delicacies. But then time passes and all that is left are the liver sausages and 2 warm sodas.

Well at least that is how I feel sometimes. And I remember this story I heard as a kid about how life is not like a smorgasbord but more like sitting in an apple tree.

Apples and Opportunities

Life can be compared to sitting in a beautiful apple tree. When you get up there you enjoy the view of all the beautiful apples that surround you.

Every single apple represents an opportunity in your life. You have to pick one and the big question is: Which apple do you want. Nothing happens until you make a decision.

Nothing happens until you make a decision

Why getting fired was the best that ever happened to me

Why getting fired was the best that ever happened to me


I will be the first one to admit that while it is never easy being brave it will always be worthwhile. It is just that sometimes you have to let time pass until you can actually see the benefits. Bravery wont always guarantee your success. But it will always precede it. I learned this the hard way by getting fired.

Bad Accusations Made Up

Some years ago I had a manager and she and I did not…well lets just say we didn’t sing the same tune. One day I got a phone call from here telling me there had been some accusations made against me from customers. It sounded quite bad. I was chocked and could not understand where this came from.

At first I felt devastated. But imagine the mixture of relief and surprise when after a few phone calls I realized the accusations were all false and made up by my manager.

So I did the only thing I could do: I called the manager of my manager. I told him what had happened…


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The Small Scale Approach to Freedom- with Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen

The Small Scale Approach to Freedom- with Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen

An Interview with an entrepreneur and bundle of energy

Sanne 2

Once a month Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen stands on a stage in Copenhagen. Her message is clear: To let the audience in on the small scale approach to Freedom. Her goal is to educate people in how to get more out of life – both in terms of finances, health and energy.

An Idea Popped Up

It was just an idea that popped up in Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen’s mind approximately 3 years ago. At that time she had just finished a course called Balance Economy in Malmo, Sweden. In her mind what she just had learned during this training was so simple and yet revolutionary that she felt an urge to spread it to the rest of the world.