Monthly Archive: December 2015

How Washing Your Hands Can Save the Planet

While the World’s attention is on Paris and the Climate Conference there is actually something you can do every day to help save our planet. It as simple as how to wash your hands or more specifically what to do AFTER you washed your hands. Watch this TED talk and learn how simple actions can have a huge impact.

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Memories on My Death Bed

One year ago my father died.

That made me think about my own life, what I have done with it so far and if I am where I thought I would be by know. In other words: I have thought about the memories I want to have on my death bed. It Just Took a Phone Call This time last year I was getting ready for Christmas. December is one of my favorite times of the year: I get to eat a lot of candy, there are always a lot of Christmas parties and George Michael sings Last Christmas by Wham on every radio station known to man.

But all of this was about to change and it took only a phone call. Standing in the Same Room as Death Instead of the joys of Christmas, last December was a long, dark walk towards the inevitable. My father died on the 21st and as I watched him in his long, cold forever sleep I hoped he had taken with him the memories that he wanted from this life.

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