Monthly Archive: February 2016

Being blind is no excuse

Have you ever noticed how some people stand out in a crowd? They have this aura of determination and grit that somehow draws your attention to them. These are the people who have the power to change the world – and Mirjana Krisanovic from Sweden is such a person.
When Mirjana Krisanovic was 14 years old she reached a turning point in her life. One early morning she was standing on the diving board at swim practice and her life changed. The teacher had brought the students to the swimming pool where everyone should learn to jump from the 1 meter diving board. When it was Mirjana’s turn she froze. The fear of jumping got a hold of her and she could not move. Standing there on the wet and cold board the only thing she could hear were the other kids mocking her.

Looser, they Shouted

“You can’t do it”; “Looser” they shouted at her. Kids are cruel and the words hurt but still Mirjana could not move. Then suddenly in this cacophony of mocking voices she heard something else.

“Come on Mirjana, you can do it. The fear is only in your head”. It was her teacher believing in her.

Somehow the teacher’s words ignited a spark within Mirjana. Resolutely she turned around and backed away from the diving board. The kids around her laughed even harder now believing Mirjana had given up. But she certainly had not. She stepped down; walked over to the highest jump board in the swimming pool – you know the one that goes all the way up to the ceiling – and jumped!

This would be a very brave move for anyone, however, one thing makes Mirjana’s story amazing; she lost her eye sight four years earlier.


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