Monthly Archive: April 2016

Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja

As I get older I get wiser. Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja revealed possibilities and limitations that I used to be totally unaware of. On this trip I learned things about my body that I never considered relevant before.

And by before I do not consider life when I was younger. Before refers to my life prior to acquiring an Astro Van.

Before the Astro Van came into our lives I was happily unaware of how rainwater find its way through old weather seals – the way it does in our Van. I never thought spare parts would be the topic at the family diner – for weeks. And never before did I truly value my talent for suppressing a need to pee  (for several hours until sunrise. Yes, I am uncomfortable with the dark)….

Unleash the Leader Within

In November this year a small group of brave young women will venture to the Pole Circle. Most likely, not one will have any experience hiking through tough, snowy terrain nor sleeping in a tent.

But this will not stop them. They are hand-selected because of their drive and their will to put their mental and physical limits to the test.