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10 reasons why it’s good my father died

Well this might sound a bit rash to you. But a wise man* once said to me that it is possible to find something useful in any situation. No matter if your house just burned down or if you lost your job – there is a hidden lesson in every experience.

My father died recently and I came up with this list because I had to keep my mind busy. I had decided to read a poem at church but was afraid the tears would stop me.

This list kept my mind busy so I did not cry….

10 things concerning women and cars…

(Women start driving, please!)

This just have to be said: Fellow Women out there: Get up , put your ass behind the wheel and start driving the car. NOW.womandriving

Why is it that so many women suddenly lose the ability to drive a car as soon as they get into a relationship? Look around you and into the cars driving by. Most likely there is a person with a penis sitting behind the wheel and a vagina siting next to him.

Why is it so?
She has a driver’s license. She probably used to drive a lot before she met the boyfriend. The car he is driving can even be hers. But still she sits on the passenger’s seat most of the time. Why is this so?

10 stupid things to avoid (and trust me I have tried them all).

I have done many stupid things in my life. Let me share some of them with you so maybe you can do your own mistakes instead of repeating mine.

1: Saying No to a Great Opportunity
Oh, this is so stupid. And it is even worse if you say no just because your boyfriend / girlfriend do not want to go along with you.
In my case I turned down my dream job. This job had everything I had hoped for: A great career, traveling to exotic countries and doing something good at the same time. However my winning argument Not to grip this opportunity was (embrace yourself): My boyfriend could not come with me…