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Life is Either a Daring Adventure…

Yesterday I did something really SPECTACULAR! I both challenged myself AND reached a goal on my Bucket List.


I did this by driving the smashed up remaining of something that used to be a car – racing to be the first crossing the finishing line. Doing this is actually a common recreation event for people in Sweden. The name for it is FOLKRACE.

Folkrace is one of the most crazy sports ever.

Comfort Zone Challenge # 2: Looking People in the Eye

This was not a difficult challenge. I had to look five people in the eyes until they looked away.

I walked through a shopping center and people were generally too busy to be looking at me…Actually it was quite difficult to maintain eye contact with anyone for a longer period of time – most people looked away the second their gaze met mine.

The point in this challenge is that eye contact is an important factor of appearing confident. I must learn to hold strong eye contact.

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