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5 reasons why Skarhult Castle is a Must See

In 2014 the Skarhult Castle opened its doors to the public. For the first time in 500 years common folks could enter the gates and come inside. The gates are still open and offer you a unique opportunity to walk in the great halls and catch a glimpse of how life in a castle might be. And you might be surprised of what you find. At Skarhult you get the story of disguised power of Swedish women through history. A White Spot in Swedish History

Women have for centuries formally been minors and without the right to own land or property. If there were no sons in a marriage ownership automatically went to the oldest daughter’s husband. Since women’s names are rarely found in historical documents, such as contracts and certificates of ownership, today’s view of historical women has come to be characterized by a fundamental misconception: that women lacked power…..

Sporrekulla – Home of the Old Resistance

Some historians say that Denmark and Sweden are the two nations in the world that have been most at war. With each other that is. Since 1521 there have been at least 11 wars between us.

Scania is full of castles and ruins that will tell you the history of these wars. But there is also another history –one that took place outside the castles and noble families. One is told at Sporrekulla; an old farm house hidden well in the deep forests. This was the home of the Snapphane resistance group.

Sporrekulla is the name of an old farm located in the North Eastern corner of Scania. It is hidden deep in the forest between mosquitos,  lakes and tall pine trees. Getting here is difficult because even the GPS seem to have trouble finding the right roads. But when you arrive I assure you it will be worth it….

The Re-awakening of Yangtorp and Being Scared by an Angry Bull

Yangtorp is where ABBA and China meet in Scania. Once a promising idea of a sanctuary of meditation and spirituality. But it ended in bankruptcy and a legal clash regarding 46 million. In the end ABBA left the building and now the temple once again has opened its gates to visitors. Yangstorp – the Chinese temple in Scania is a surreal piece of construction in the middle of the beautiful fields of Scania. Getting there takes you on small back roads leading your mind to the brilliant stories from Astrid Lindgren.

Yangstorp is a Chinese temple devoted to Qigong, acupuncture and other spiritual preferences.

This is where Pippi Longstocking and the Brothers Lionheart would live if they were with us today.

30 grown elks, 2 calves and 10 ticks – just another day in Sweden

Results are like masturbation; you need to do it quick and often to get any results. It’s the same when it comes to sleeping in a newly renovated van. You have to do it more than once to learn what to bring and what not to do.

On this our third trip in the Van we visited the Candy plane and did an Elk safari.

Last weekend we did it again. We loaded the Van with our dogs, freshly baked chocolate cake and sun screen and headed out to explore more of the wilderness in Southern Sweden.

We set out with the goal of visiting two legendary places in Scania; First the Candy Plane and second making an Elk Safari.

Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja

As I get older I get wiser. Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja revealed possibilities and limitations that I used to be totally unaware of. On this trip I learned things about my body that I never considered relevant before.

And by before I do not consider life when I was younger. Before refers to my life prior to acquiring an Astro Van.

Before the Astro Van came into our lives I was happily unaware of how rainwater find its way through old weather seals – the way it does in our Van. I never thought spare parts would be the topic at the family diner – for weeks. And never before did I truly value my talent for suppressing a need to pee  (for several hours until sunrise. Yes, I am uncomfortable with the dark)….

Van Diaries: Naming the Damned Thing…

Naming the damned thing: Like all members of a family the Van needs a name. Normally it is kind of easy. My car is named The Firetruck because it’s red (naming doesn’t have to be complicated). The Husband’s car is named Mario because – well its really looks like Super Mario. And it’s Italian.

But what to call an old American Van?

The Husband suggested: John (like in John Wayne)

I suggested: Rambo Liberty….