DINKs with Dogs discover the meaning of Bolibompa Sex

My husband and I are DINKS with Dogs. We love to sleep in, read the news during a long breakfast and basically spend the days doing whatever we feel like. For us there was no need for Bolibompa(*) Sex.

DINK: Double Income No Kids

DINKS: We can do what we want

DINKS with Dogs: We can do what we want

This is a lifestyle that suits us very well. Considering that we do not have kids and are not interested in having any either – getting a puppy is a major change in our comfy lives: Like polar shifting or growing an extra head.

Four legged Napoleon

And things have changed. Since Jack marched like a four legged Napoleon into our home it is impossible to sleep long in the mornings, diner time is mostly about  making sure the puppy does not pee on the floor – and sleeping with clothes on is now the new normal.

Sleeping with clothes on

Okay to be fair: Since it’s my Husband who takes the night watch regarding Jack it’s him who sleeps with his clothes on. Why: Well because Jack wakes up several times during the night and need to go outside and do his things. It can be quite cold to go out with Jack (a few weeks ago we had frost in the lawn when the sun came up). In our rookie days (a few weeks ago) we stood in the garden wearing only our not so warm underwear. Freezing and hoping the damn dog could finish a bit sooner. Now we have learned. Now we sleep with clothes on.

The Bolibompa

Another thing that has changed since Jack came is that my husband and I do not have the same time for each other as we used to have. I guess those of you who have children know exactly what I mean.

© "Max&Jack - Dog Buddies"

© “Max&Jack – Dog Buddies” Now I understand the meaning of Bolibompa Sex

(*) Bolibompa: A Swedish TV show for kids

I have earlier heard parents with kids talk about a phenomenon called Bolibompa Sex. Bolibompa is a TV show for kids. And this show entertains the kids for 30 mins while the parents can have some well-deserved sex in private. Now I understand exactly they mean.

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