Happy Meals for a Widow‏

Since my Dad past away my Mother has lost her joy for cooking. I understand that for her it is no longer fun to create a tasty meal and serve it nicely. It’s not the same anymore and will never  be again. Eating is only reminding her of the past.

Easy Meals for One

However the consequences of this worries me.  She is not a too big as it is and she risk losing to much weight. So I came up with this list of recipies to help her to start cooking again. I found a collection of tasty and easy meals that she could prepare for herself.
You could also check the site Jenreviews.com   – here you will find 20 easy cooking for one tips.
Click on the picture and you will get directed to a recepie. They all come from some great bloggs I found on Google.
meal 1

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