I am not farting Unicorns

One of the many things I learned from moving to Mellerud is that I actually have the power to change my life. That life is happening around me all the time. And whether I like to admit it or not there are two important things to acknowledge; First: That thinking that I have no power to do anything about it all is bullshit. Not doing anything is as much of a choice as doing something. The difference is the coward. Second: Time doesn’t wait for me. It moves along and doesn’t really care if I am in or not.

Nothing about this is rocket science. You know all of this just as well as I do. There are many levels of choices; all from what socks to wear or whether to walk bare footed – to putting action behind that dream of yours. To be willing to stop victimizing yourself. Or be unwilling to take that crap anymore.

I dont’t fart unicorns

This is the seventh article in a series about how I went from an overworked and overstressed big city woman to a relaxed hill country ditto. In my previous articles, I told you how my husband and I took on a monumental life changing decision. We set out a goal of achieving financial freedom and tone down the frenetic tempo we ran our lives by. Klick here to find the previous article.

The Facebook Tsunami

I will repeat myself in case you missed it above: This is not rocket science. I know that you also know this because every day Facebook is tsunaming you with endless feel good-you can do ityou are special and the captain on you own ship – kind of quotes.

It feels really good indulging in all that sugar coated inspirational fireworks that lights up my dark and gloomy morning mood. But as soon as I lift my head again and turn off the phone the darkness and choices and reality is there again. It didn’t go away just because I mentally checked out during my Facebook dive.

Are you Neo or Cypher?

Look, wake up and take some action. It doesn’t have to be big just making sure that once every day you take one step in a direction that has a goal in the end. Look at me; its not that I am hugely successful and rich and farts unicorns.

Sure you can do like that asshole Cypher that wants to reenter the Matrix…

But my life today after moving from the Big City cannot be compared with the life of before. It’s not that I run a massively successful blog. Come on not even my Mom reads it. But it gives me a world full of joy and gives me strength to cope with my work.

Your’e not a special snowflake!

Yes, I earned a lot of money before. I had more shoes that Imelda Marcos. I traveled more. But I was also really stressed. Remember the movie “The Matrix”? It is not necessary easier to live out side of the Matrix. But you have your freedom.

Sure you can do like that asshole Cypher (who wants to reenter the Matrix…). But come on we all know  that´s the wrong way to go.

You are not a special snowflake. Photo Darius Cotoi. Unsplash.

 Most of us walk around wearing a big furry hat that is drawn down over our face. It nice and warm and we can’t see anything of what’s surrounding us. We hope to one day be seen, be noticed, that there is a knock on the door and outside stands a stranger giving us a check on millions of dollars, a great body, friends and a meaningful life. We just won the lottery!

And even though we deep down know the unlikeliness of this scenario we still keep hoping for it to happen. “It’s my dream. Don’t take away my dream”

Sculpture your life

But yet if you are anything like me and you probably are because we humans have some traits in common – then you do not act on everything you know.

Like a sculpture you can shape and form and even color the life as you want it

Just let me give you an example so you get my point: you smoke even though you know it’s bad for you. You empty that bag of crisps even though you know you shouldn’t.

You take the car to the gym even though you would be better off taking the bike. You know,  you have the power to change your life but you don’t. But you can.

Start sculpturing your life. Photo: Dovlet Madatov. Unsplash

You know you have the power to change your life but you don’t. But you can.

Like a sculpture you can shape and form and even color the life as you want it. Yes I admit it takes work to do it. You have to get up from that couch but it is not impossible.

Are you waiting for that knock on the door?

If you shape your own life you actually got a good chance of ending of with a life that you like. Instead of hoping for the day you win in the lottery.

You know that knock won’t come. You are not a special snowflake that will be handpicked by the universe to suddenly be seen, get at zillion followers on Instagram, be best friends with the Obamas or the Khardasian (depending on what you prefer).

Don’t wait for that not-coming knock on the door. You are the sculpturor of your own life. Start acting like it.

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