Interview with Oprah

Bravery is saying what you believe in. For 25 years Oprah Winfrey had her world famous talk show where she did just that. She said it out loud and to the people who needed to hear it. Listen to this inspirational and honest interview with Oprah Winfrey where she talks about courage and vulnerability.

You cannot live a brave life without disappointing some people. But the only people to get disappointed are the ones with their own agenda
Oprah Winfrey

Interview with Oprah

Myself I never knew very much about Oprah. Like most people I have grown up with hearing about her talk shows – and like millions of others I also have seen Tom Cruise declaring his love for Katie Holmes as he jumps like a crazy person in Oprah’s couch. But listening to this interview by Brené Brown opened my eyes to a new side of Oprah.

Clearly this woman has experienced her share of ups and downs. Her clarity of intentions has guided her in living a more fearless life.


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