Jack, the smallest terrorist in the World

Say Hi to Jack: The smallest terrorist in the World. He is qute and sweet and adorable – as long as he sleeps. Because the second Jack wakes up so does everyone else around him: As he opens his eyes he transforms into a puppy tornado and with the same energy as hurricane Katrina he runs through the house leaving everything upside down.

Max&Jack – Dog Buddies

He barks at my shoes and strongly mistrusts the Orchids. He loves biting in toilet paper just as basically anything else he can sink his small and laser sharp teeth into. When outside his favorite dish is earthworms and sheep poo which makes me wonder what the expensive dog food that we invested in really consists of…

Comfort Zone Crusher

Getting Dog Number Two – a Podengo Puppy –  is my first step on a journey to crush my Comfort Zone. I want to grow and be braver and I guess that statement need a little bit of explanation…

I was recently encouraged to believe more in myself. That if I learned to do this and grew a strong, rock solid belief in me, myself and who I am – then I could go really far in this world. At least in terms of my career.


Or put more elegantly: The sky is not the limit. It is I that set the limit.

The weekly challenge
But how do I learn to believe more in myself? It would have been easier if I should learn a new language like Spanish or Russian. I could pick up a book and get started. This however is different.

So after some searching on the all-knowing Internet I found the ComfortZoneCrusher. This is basically a blog that challenges you to be more confident. So I enrolled in the weekly challenge online course – and hopefully I will exit the training with confidence.

Do I regret it?

Getting a Dog Number Two is NOT one of the challenges in the ComfortZoneCrusher. It just landed in my life at about the same time. And Jack the small terrorist is definitely forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone.

© “Max&Jack – Dog Buddies”

Do I ever regret getting dog number two? Honestly, yes sometimes I do. Every now and then I look at him and realize that we did not know at all what we signed up for when we brought him home from the kennel. Our comfortable lives with our comfortable routines are tossed out the window and replaced with a hurricane on paws.

Fortunately I still remember how I felt when we some years ago got our first dog, Max. The first days I actually was scared of him and I remember crying and wondering why on Earth I had agreed to get a dog in the first place. Now I cannot imagine a life without this dog.

I hope this will be true for Jack as well…


If you want to know more about how to expandend your comfort zone read you can read all about it here: http://www.comfortzonecrusher.com/


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