30 grown elks, 2 calves and 10 ticks – just another day in Sweden

Results are like masturbation; you need to do it quick and often to get any results. It’s the same when it comes to sleeping in a newly renovated van. You have to do it more than once to learn what to bring and what not to do.

On this our third trip in the Van we visited the Candy plane and did an Elk safari.

Last weekend we did it again. We loaded the Van with our dogs, freshly baked chocolate cake and sun screen and headed out to explore more of the wilderness in Southern Sweden.

We set out with the goal of visiting two legendary places in Scania; First the Candy Plane and second making an Elk Safari.

Vanstination: The Candy Plane in Fagerhult

The Candy Plane (in Sweden it is known as Godisflyget) is a famous establishment. Visitors (especially people from Denmark) travel a long way to get here – do a quick search on Google and you will see what I mean.

It doesn´t really matter if you like candy or not. On the E4 you take every chance for a brake that comes along.


The Candy Plane – a sweet stop along the E4

Just to be clear; the Candy Plane is not a real Boing 747 made out of candy. It is a gigantic candy shop built like a plane complete with wings and a pilot looking at you from his cockpit. This place is Heaven not only for kids – the doors are open for everyone with a love for candy.

The Candy Plane is located by the most boring highway in Sweden: the E4 – an extremely straight road that carves its way from Malmö to Stockholm.

One of the few interesting places to stop is the Candy Plane. It doesn’t really matter if you like candy or not. On the E4 you take every brake you can take.

Fill your bag with goodies

Instead of rows of passengers seats the inside of the Candy Plane consists of shelves packed with small containers each overflowing of with different colorful kinds of candy. The line of boxes is interrupted only here and there by a scale and a spoons for you to fill your bag with the goodies.

Whatever your favorite candy is rest assure you will find it here at the Candy Plane. But be advised – it is bordering on impossible to leave the place with just one piece of sweet. I know because I have tried it several times and failed over and over again. I always promise to myself to show discipline and character and not go all nuts like a teenager on spring break.

The sight of all the candy makes sweet tooth commit mutiny against the rest of my brain – and BANG when I reach the counter my little basket contains one kilo of sweet candy.

But besides to be a great spot to rest behind the Candy Plane you find a small area where you can take your dog for a walk. However be warned; it is full of litter so it is not a nice place to go strolling. But it can be done. With or without a dog. Here is a link to the location.

Whatever happens – stay in your car


The elks are very friendly at the Elk Safari. We even spotted two newborn calves between the trees

Sugared up we buckled up and continued our journey to Smalandets Elk safari (in Swedish: Smålandets Älgsafari). By now it was late afternoon but it only took us half an hour from the Candy Plane until we parked the Astro Van in front of the tall gates that guards the entrance of the Elk Safari.

To put it short: If you have any taste for trying something unusual and exciting there is no way around Smalandets Elk safari. Here you have it all plus a herd of American bison.

If you have any taste for trying something unusual and exciting there is no way around Smalandets Elk safari. Here you have it all plus a herd of American bison.

The concept of the Elk Safari is simple; after purchasing a ticket you drive through the gates and into a pine forest that is surrounded by a high, electrified fence. It is quite clear. Nothing gets in or out of here unless it has wheels and a valid ticket.

On the inside there are about 30 Elks walking freely and the last warning you get as the gates slowly close behind you is this: Whatever happens – stay inside your car.

There is a three kilometer gravel road meandering through the forest. In your car you slowly follow the road as you are looking for the King and Queens of the forest. Despite their size elks are normally very difficult to spot in the wild. But at the Elk Safari you do not have that problem.

It is quite evident that these animals are used to publicity. They are not afraid of cars – we actually had to close the window to prevent one Elk from putting her head inside the Van.

Smalandets Elk Safari is a must visit place. Besides the possibility the get up close to these special animals you also find a nice café and souvenir shop.

And remember – if you bring your dogs be sure you can keep them calm and quiet as you drive through the forest. You do not want the dogs to scare the Elks.

Markaryd is the place to spend the night

After this wild life experience we were ready to find a place to park the Van for the night. The area around Markaryd is well known for its beautiful landscape and it did not take us long to find a beautiful spot to park the Van. This place was a gem; a small peninsula with water on three sides, birch trees and a small jetty.


We found a great place with a view of the sun set

As we enjoyed our dinner we watched the sun go down behind the lake. Since we had the place by ourselves we could let the dogs run around without any worries. Just peace and quiet.


The area around Markaryd is a beautiful place to take your Van









However, if you go here (to Sweden that is) there is one thing to be aware of – or should I say many small things; the ticks. I have no love for these annoying and potential dangerous miniature beasts from Hell. Do yourself a favor and check yourself as well as the dog before heading in to sleep. We eliminated at least 10 ticks from each of the dogs before we finally turned off the lights.



Chocolate Cake at Möllerödsjö

We woke up to a sunny Sunday morning. Once again we enjoyed the beauty of this place as we slurped our strong and tasty coffee. Such a perfect way to start a day.


Feeling ready for the final leg of our trip we packed our stuff, checked for and removed another handful of ticks from the dogs and headed for Lake Mölleröd. This is another nice spot in Scania. Perfect for a picknick and a swim. The Möllerödsjö also offers a charming trail around lake of about four kilometers. We walked the trail and then sat in the warm sun, ate the rest of my chocolate cake and coffee before heading back home.


Good to know about Smalandet

  • You can bring your dog(s). Just make sure that you can keep them quiet. No barking in the car. This is why driving here in a van is excellent. The dogs can’t see the elks from inside the car
  • Great souvenir shop with a lot of stuff to bring back home or give as a souvenir.
  • Nice café and clean rest rooms
  • Best time to visit: In May when you can see the calves. And in late fall when the male elks have their horns (they lose them every fall)
  • It is located very close to Godisflyget

Good to bring


Recipe for the chocolate cake:
 450 g flour
 110 g butter
 450 g sugar
 3 eggs
 75 g coco
 3 dl milk
 1 tee spoon soda
 1  tee spoon baking soda
 1/5 tee spoon vanilla sugar
 How to do:
 First: melt the butter and then mix it well with the sugar
 Second: When the butter and sugar is mixed well you add the eggs one by one (as you continue the mixing)
 Thirdly: Mix the rest of the ingredients together before you mixed it all together.
 Fourthly: Pour the paste into a baking pan that you have greased well

Temperature of the oven: 200 degrees C
 Time: 15 min (or until the paste is non sticky. Test it with a tooth pick)

Fifth: When the chocolate cake is cold you mix 200 g icing sugar with a little bit of water and decorate the cake.

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