My Bucket List – the real one,

Well I realized something: Do I really want to see and do these things that I just wrote on my Bucket List?

I mean – was it something coming from my own heart and soul or was it something I have learned I should want to do?

Everybody wants to go to China and walk the Chinese wall. But why? Is it because we have read about this so many times and seen it in movies and TBrainAndSoul.Org (22)V that we kind just got this programed in our heads?

Like traveling to a new country or a new city and just going to the places mentioned in the  guide book. it seems like not thinking by oursel
f has become a trademark for a lot of people. Instead of focusing on what we want to do with our lifes we do what we are supposed to do and by that letting others decide where we go and become.


So I have revised my Bucket List: This is what I really want to do in my life before I die:


  1. Live somewhere I can hear the hoof steps from horses. I love that sound
  2. Joining a TED event
  3. Try zip lining
  4. Live in an Australian Queenslander (actually is just have to be a wooden house with a porch all around it)
  5. Go to New Zeeland for at least a month, rent a car and drive around with the Mister
  6. Go to Peru and see the Nazca drawings from the air
  7. Go horse riding somewhere with a beautiful landscape. The trip should take 2-3 days on horses (no little ponies) and the nights are spent in comfortable beds
  8. Travel through Argentina by car for a month with the Mister
  9. Travel through USA/Canada for 6 months with the Misterand our Dog. I would like to visit Area 51
  10. Visit a Bounty Island with white amazing beaches and clear blue water
  11. Drive Folk Race (a thing you do in Sweden in old cars)
  12. Visit Istanbul again
  13. Go to Scotland – see the unique landscape and visiting a lot of castles and taste different types of whiskey – this trip with my wonderful Friend K.
  14. Try Scuba Diving
  15. Try Långfärds-skridskor ( Ice skating in a special Scandinavian way)
  16. See the Northern Lights. I did see them once – but it was not as strong and clear on the sky as it can be. So I have to do this again
  17. Go mountain biking somewhere new and exciting
  18. Face as many of my fears as possible and concur them
  19. Go snowmobiling and drive by myself (I did go snowmobiling but did not drive)
  20. Give a presentation to a large audience (this would also be a part of #18: Concur my fears)
  21. Travel with Hurtig Ruten
  22. Go to a Christmas dinner on the Helsingor-Helsingborg ferry line
  23. Go on a Moose Safari
  24. Have hundreds of crocuses in different colors in my garden

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