The Woman who bought a town

There is a new sheriff in town. With a gun in her hand and a Stetson on her head she patrols the empty streets of Country Town. There is not a lot to patrol. Most of the houses are empty and the current population is below three. The sheriff of Country Town, who also goes by the name Lisbeth Hermansen, bought most of this place four years ago, changed its name and announced herself as the sheriff.

Country Town is located on the west coast of Denmark. The sheriff – or Lisbeth Hermansen – who rules here is a rebel at heart. Most likely she came out from her mother’s womb with her fists ready for a fight. That was 60 years ago. Today her hair may be gray but her eyes tell the story of a woman who never stopped fighting for her values.

Farmland, windblown trees and empty houses

Country Town is a small gathering of worn out houses and an old inn located near the Danish west coast. If you stand on the balcony of the inn looking west you will see the waves of the North Sea brake against the shore.

What makes people follow their dreams?

As kids we all had dreams. Some of us wanted to be pilots while others planned to become doctors, actresses or just famous. For me from the first time I saw the movie ALIEN I wanted to be Ellen Ripley.

Along the way, however, most of our dreams get disrupted. One day we are grown up and realize that we are not even in the same neighborhood as the dreams we once had.

Sometimes it is because we formed new dreams along the way. But mostly it’s because we’re told that our dreams aren’t realistic. And so we slowly stop chasing after them.

I did not get to be an alien fighting, space traveling super woman. I spend my days in an office selling stuff. My mother didn’t get to be an actress; thinking about it – who do I know that are living their dream?

5 reasons why Skarhult Castle is a Must See

In 2014 the Skarhult Castle opened its doors to the public. For the first time in 500 years common folks could enter the gates and come inside. The gates are still open and offer you a unique opportunity to walk in the great halls and catch a glimpse of how life in a castle might be. And you might be surprised of what you find. At Skarhult you get the story of disguised power of Swedish women through history. A White Spot in Swedish History

Women have for centuries formally been minors and without the right to own land or property. If there were no sons in a marriage ownership automatically went to the oldest daughter’s husband. Since women’s names are rarely found in historical documents, such as contracts and certificates of ownership, today’s view of historical women has come to be characterized by a fundamental misconception: that women lacked power…..

Sporrekulla – Home of the Old Resistance

Some historians say that Denmark and Sweden are the two nations in the world that have been most at war. With each other that is. Since 1521 there have been at least 11 wars between us.

Scania is full of castles and ruins that will tell you the history of these wars. But there is also another history –one that took place outside the castles and noble families. One is told at Sporrekulla; an old farm house hidden well in the deep forests. This was the home of the Snapphane resistance group.

Sporrekulla is the name of an old farm located in the North Eastern corner of Scania. It is hidden deep in the forest between mosquitos,  lakes and tall pine trees. Getting here is difficult because even the GPS seem to have trouble finding the right roads. But when you arrive I assure you it will be worth it….

Annette Birkmann – a road trip with a woman with no courage

10 years ago Annette Birkmann got out of an airplane in Buenos Aires the busy capital of Argentina. She had quit her job as a lawyer. Her marriage had ended and all her possessions sold.  The coming year was about to take her through a breathtaking journey on a motorbike through South America. Still she did not look at herself as being brave. I met Annette Birkmann on a warm summer’s day at a café in Copenhagen. Her book ‘The Road to Getting Yourself Out of the Way’ (in Danish: Rejsen til mig) just landed in the bookstores and the story about her road trip to South America has gotten a lot of attention.

In her book she gives you her story about needing to do a radical change. She quit her job at the law firm, filed the divorce papers and sold her belongings. All of this to follow a lifelong dream of hers: To learn to speak Spanish, visit South America and drive a motor cycle. And she decided to do all three things at the same time…

The Road to Getting Yourself Out of the Way – an amazing true story by Annette Birkmann

Are you looking for a great book that you simply cannot put down until the last word on the last page is read? Then this is the book for you. The Road to Getting Yourself Out of the Way Me is the amazing true story about a young woman who travels to the end of the world on a motorbike. During those 53.000 thousand kilometers she explains the importance of trusting yourself, letting things go and enjoy the very moment you are in. This book  is a great read to bring on your upcoming summer holiday. She followed her dream to South America After a broken marriage Annette Birkmann decides to go to Argentina. In Buenos Aires she follows her dream to learn Spanish, visit South America and drive a motorcycle. All at the same time…