Parachuting is Crossing a Major Comfort Zone

Birds have wings. This is so they can fly. Fish have gills. This is so they can breathe under water. I put a harness on and strap myself to a complete stranger. This is so I can step out from an airplane 4 kilometers above ground, hoping that he will get me down safely.

Something in this way of argument is not completely logic. Parachuting is crossing a major comfort zone.

Last weekend I did the hardest Comfort Zone challenge I ever done: Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane wearing a guy with a parachute on my back.

It was also the most fun I have done in a very long time.

  • Yes, I screamed !
  • Yes, my heart was racing like a pig running from the butchers knife.


But, WOW, was it a spectacular feeling to experience the speed, the wind and the beauty of looking down of the summer landscape.

comfortzone crusher

The Tandem Master is making sure the hat and googles are correctly fitted.


I strongly encourage you to try parachuting, it seriously moves your comfort zone into a different dimension.


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