Stuck? Stop Snoozing!

Snoozing! It feels so good but deep down inside you know it’s far from as good as it feels. Right? You know that it’s important to stick to your goals; go for that morning run or eat healthier.

But as you lie there in bed you think there’s something so fake about all that motivational philosophy. There’s nothing inspiring about getting up in the morning. It sucks. And whose dumb idea was it to exercise anyway? One day off won’t matter that much. Besides it feels a lot colder today…

Don’t live as if you are going to be here forever

It is not that life is short. But we waste a lot of it. This is why it is a good thing to remember the future. This day too will pass. Just as it did yesterday. Just like last year went by in an instant. Where will you be in 2021? If you are still around that is.

Don’t live as if you are going to be here forever.

Stuck is the word

As you are snoozing in your bed you don’t think about the future. Instead you close your eyes and feel the welcome lull of sleep coming over you again.

Snoozing! It feels so good but deep down inside you know it’s far from as good as it feels. Photo Vitaliy Anokhin, Unsplash

The snooze button is the perfect symbol of human resistance and of anyone who feels stuck.

Stuck in a dead end job, stuck in bad a relationship, stuck with man boobs, stuck with a bunch of cool ideas that you never find the time to execute.

Stuck. Fuck.

Isn’t it amazing the more stuck we are the more we come up with every possible excuse to delay, to avoid… and to stay stuck.

Our enemy: The Brain

Are you stuck with a buch of ideas that you never get to execute? Photo Cark Young, Unsplash

Our brain is amazing. It makes the heart beat and takes your body through the day. But it can also be our worst enemy.

Over the years we have avoided taking on any kind of challenge so many times that our brains is now primed to steer clear of taking action. Our brain has grown to expect avoidance and to plan around it.

The choice is always in front of you: Turn on the powerful you and move forward or give in to resistance and go nowhere. However you don’t take action, do you?

You find different ways to let that dream fizzle. You give in to resistance, find some excuse, chicken out and stay stuck. Every time you do that you postpone your dreams. You rob yourself of happiness. You fall short of your true potential.

Life is not short

Stop circling around what you want in life; head directly towards it instead. This strategy is really such a simple and uncomplicated way to reach your goals and your full potential compared to filling your days with unnecessary clutter.

Stop circling around what you want in life; instead head directly towards it. Photo Alexandra Gorn, Unsplash

You know what I mean by clutter. It’s all that stuff you do instead of doing what you really should be doing.

Like fixing the laundry instead of making that important phone call. Or snooze instead of getting out of bed and do that morning yoga.

Or whatever it is you want to do but keep avoiding.



Either you do it or you find an excuse of not doing it.

My husband and I did the excuse thing for years. We talked and talked and talked about moving from the city. How great it would be to make that change. But we never did anything serious to pursue the dream.

In the end our friends got tired of listening to us. Quite understandable actually. One day one of them but it in plain text; he told us to do something about it or shut up.

Life is not short – it’s that you waste so much of it. Photo Bart Christiaanse, Unsplash

“You are wasting your time! You have been talking about moving for years now. Do something about it or stop complaining!”

I am forever grateful for his honest kick in the arse. So remember: Life is not short – it’s that you waste so much of it

3 things I wish I knew before 30

    1. Take action. Today. Even baby steps matter.  Sugggestion: Start getting an understanding for your finances.


    1. Do something brave everyday. Find your comfort zone and cross it. That is the only way to grow and you will find that it is actually quite fun as well.


    1. Be nice to your self. Stop listening to the nasty voice in your head that talks you down. Shut it up and try anyway – what’s the worst thing that can happen, really?



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