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Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja

As I get older I get wiser. Driving our Astro Van to Lake Finja revealed possibilities and limitations that I used to be totally unaware of. On this trip I learned things about my body that I never considered relevant before.

And by before I do not consider life when I was younger. Before refers to my life prior to acquiring an Astro Van.

Before the Astro Van came into our lives I was happily unaware of how rainwater find its way through old weather seals – the way it does in our Van. I never thought spare parts would be the topic at the family diner – for weeks. And never before did I truly value my talent for suppressing a need to pee  (for several hours until sunrise. Yes, I am uncomfortable with the dark)….

Van Diaries: Naming the Damned Thing…

Naming the damned thing: Like all members of a family the Van needs a name. Normally it is kind of easy. My car is named The Firetruck because it’s red (naming doesn’t have to be complicated). The Husband’s car is named Mario because – well its really looks like Super Mario. And it’s Italian.

But what to call an old American Van?

The Husband suggested: John (like in John Wayne)

I suggested: Rambo Liberty….

Van Diaries: A new member of the Family

Van Diaries: A new member of the Family

Today we got a new member of our family. Its big and blue and from 1996 a Chevrolet Astro Van. Americans call it a mini-van. But here in Scandinavia we just call it a Van.

We bought it from a a guy who had decided to get a more pratical car instead (in Scandinavia that means a car that is more environmetal friendly) . We looked at the Van as thourough as we could– none of us are car experts and the Van seemed okay.

So we did the handshake thing, signed all the papers and off we went. The journey home was a slow ride on the highway where even the tractors overtook us because we were driving so slow….