The Small Scale Approach to Freedom- with Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen

 An Interview with an entrepreneur and bundle of energy

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Sanne Fehmerling Kristensen has brought a new idea to Denmark

Once a month Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen stands on a stage in Copenhagen. Her message is clear: To let the audience in on the small scale approach to Freedom. Her goal is to educate people in how to get more out of life – both in terms of finances, health and energy.

An Idea Popped Up

It was just an idea that popped up in Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen’s mind approximately 3 years ago. At that time she had just finished a course called Balance Economy in Malmo, Sweden. In her mind what she just had learned during this training was so simple and yet revolutionary that she felt an urge to spread it to the rest of the world.

The rest of the world turned into taking the Balance Economy concept across the Oresund to Denmark. An idea most people would have thought was great but then not moving forward. But not Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen. Being an entrepreneur at heart there was not many beats from getting the idea to setting it in motion.


Getting Rich by looking out for Amber stones

Balance Economy has existed in Sweden since 2006 and during that time succeeded in educating more than 120.000 of ordinary people in how to get rich. Rich in the terms of getting more time, more energy and more money.

“What if you realize that if something that used to be so impossible – actually was only a limitation in your mind…Then that other ‘impossibilities’ are very possible as well?.”

One of the basic eye openers in Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen’s talk to her audience is learning to look for and recognize opportunities. Or as she calls it: Looking out for amber stones.

During her Copenhagen seminar she fills the room with her warm energy from the very beginning. And for 2 hours she gives an inspirational talk filled with laughs and moments of truths.

Balance Economy Denmark

Balance Economy started in Sweden in 2006 and have educated 120.000 people

Pregnant Women and New Cars

According to Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen most of us walk past opportunities every day without even knowing it. This is because we have not trained our eyes to recognize them.  You probably know it from your own life. If you are pregnant you suddenly see pregnant woman everywhere. Or if you just ordered a new car you see the exact same car on every street. It is the same with opportunities.

If you train your eyes to look for opportunities you will soon start to see them everywhere.

Impossible Made Possible

The first time I met Sanne Fehmerling Kristiansen was at a Balance Economy course in Sweden some years ago. After following that training I most certainly learned to look for the Amber around me.

Besides looking for amber I also realized that if something that used to be impossible – actually was only a limitation in my mind…Then several other ‘impossibilities’ suddenly became very possible!

Not only have I made big improvements in my career I also have become much braver both personally and financially.

If you want to know more about Balance Economy in Denmark check their homepage for the next free seminar.

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