2 Things to Remember about 2018

Lying to yourself is easier than taking action. I had been lying to myself for a long time until life gave me a wakeup call.  This was two years ago and it forced me to take action. Let me tell you what happened…

I was stuck in the fast lane

For a long time I had ignored the dark rings under my eyes.  All the other guys at work had them too so it just made me a part of the team. No way would I admit this actually revealed how overworked I was. But dark rings was far from the only thing I ignored in my life.

A Brick in the Face

I never had time for my husband. Or walking our dogs. Or clean the house. To be honest I never had time for anything not work related.  But then something happened. It was Christmas Eve and reality hit me like a brick in the face: My life sucked. Days ran on autopilot. I hardly worked out, visited friends or did anything remotely funny. I decided to change and now two years later my life is completely different.

In the coming months I will publish stories on this blog about how I got from feeling stuck to feeling free. How it was to admit I was not as likeable as I thought. How I realized my job  sucked  away all my energy.

I will tell you how I got a job (in a new town and no network to rely on). How it was to sell our beautiful villa from 1865 and move into a rebuilt summer house from 1985. It has been a long journey and I will share it all with you.

Honest and no filters.

Let me tell you how I became free

I do this because I want to prove to you there is a way out of the rat race. I am not going to lie; my journey has not been easy and I promise I will be honest about it; when I cried or panicked; when I thought change was impossible and loneliness engulfed my vision.

But I will also show you change can be done – because in the end I made it. I quit my job and moved to another part of the country.  Today I have a new job and the dark rings are long gone.

Ok – here we go. This is how it all began.

This time it will be different

2017 was the year change would come. I knew, because I had an awful experience at Christmas. An experience that burned itself into my mental billboard and since then constantly been flashing  in my head as a reminder of what happened… It was shameful and embarrassing and stupid. So, what happened, you wonder? Well, I gave my husband nothing for Christmas.

Here’s the thing. For the last two years I had worked a lot. And by that I mean A LOT. Basically the only things I remembered from the last 24 months were long hours, the cell phone ringing nonstop and my inbox exploding by overload. Somewhere along the way I stopped going out seeing friends. I didn’t make plans because I didn’t want to cancel on people if something came up – as it normally did.

This was an awakening. And that is why 2017 brought  change into my life. Photo: Unsplash

So because of my maddening work situation my husband and I agreed on not giving each other gifts for Christmas. Mainly because I did not have the spare mental capacity to go shopping.

The first thing to remember about 2018 is: It will soon be December again.

But coming Christmas Eve my husband had a present for me; off course he did because he is loving and caring. He said “I know we agreed not to give each other gifts – but come on its Christmas…” So there I was – feeling like the worst wife in the history of wives because I didn’t have anything for him!

This was really bad of course. But seeing the disappointment in his eyes when realizing I really did not get anything for him – that was the moment I got the wakeup call. He said “The old you, the one from before work took control of  your life,  would have come up with some crazy Christmas gift for me even though we agreed not to.”

The second thing to remember about 2018 is: Nothing changes unless you change.

Living a life in slavery. I have awakened. Photo: Unsplash

This was really awful but actually this milestone of a Christmas slammed me in the head in a really god way. It forced me to acknowledge a problem I had avoided for some time; this way of life was really not a life at all.

I worked all the time. I had no time for my husband. Or my friends. Or our dogs. Forget about working out. I never visited my mum. That was not life – it was paycheck slavery. I worked my ass of and missed out on the great things in life just so the stockholders could make more money.

This was an awakening and that is why 2017 brought change into my life. Time is running fast. I knew that if I didn’t change this situation I was in – it would soon be December again and I will be even more stressed, unhappy and depressed.

3 Signs that you are Over Worked:
Or at least signs that should have told me a long time ago…

1: Almost Getting Hit by a train (I did not register the blinking red lights. It was pure luck I did not end up as a figurehead on the 8.42 train to Copenhagen)

2: Besides the grey color in the face you also have matching dark ring under your eyes

3: Having your period non-stop for two months (if you are a woman that is)


COMING UP:  In my next post I will write about Economic Freedom.  How to lower your expences and getting a life where you do not need vaccations to survive.


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