Van Diaries: Naming the Damned Thing…

Naming the damned thing: Like all members of a family the Van needs a name. Normally it is kind of easy. My car is named The Firetruck because it’s red (naming doesn’t have to be complicated). The Husband’s car is named Mario because – well its really looks like Super Mario. And it’s Italian.

But what to call an old American Van?

The Husband suggested: John (like in John Wayne)

I suggested: Rambo Liberty

The Husband said: Clinton (the president the year the Van was buildt)

I suggested: Rambo Liberty

The Husband kept ignoring me and said: Bruce (like in Springsteen and Willis)

I suggested: Rambo Liberty

Then the Husband said that I should stop being so childish and come up with some other name than Rambo Liberty.

I suggested: Rocky Liberty.rocky
The Husband sighed and turned on the radio.

So we still have not yet agreed on a name. I believe that Rambo Liberty is by far the greatest name on Earth for a Van– however strangely the Mister is of another opinion…

While we might not yet be able to agree on a name we can agree to pour more money into the Van Account. The resent check revealed the Van need a new battery, there are a minor electricity issue and one of the back lights are broken…

However, all this name discussion and need of spending more money on the American in our driveway it’s all worth it when I see how happy the Husband looks like.






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