10 stupid things to avoid (and trust me I have tried them all).

I have done many stupid things in my life. Let me share some of them with you so maybe you can do your own mistakes instead of repeating mine.

1: Saying No to a Great Opportunity
Oh, this is so stupid. And it is even worse if you say no just because your boyfriend / girlfriend do not want to go along with you.
In my case I turned down my dream job. This job had everything I had hoped for: A great career, traveling to exotic countries and doing something good at the same time. However my winning argument Not to grip this opportunity was (embrace yourself): My boyfriend could not come with me…
There was still another year before his graduation and he had a kid with an ex-girlfriend and we would go traveling together later on…and more excuses.
We never did travel. And shortly after we broke up he moved back home to his parents.


2: Ignoring Your Limit of Alcohol
stupid4I am not the only one who has done this I know. Still since this is a very common stupid thing to do I will put it on my list.  My special talent of being stupid with alcohol appears when the Snaps get on the table. 4 glasses is my limit. I know this. However as soon as I pore the first one down my throat my ability to count gets up and leave my brain and the party. This is why I keep on drinking, ignoring the warning signs and after some hours find myself sick on the bathroom floor. This is also about the same time when that part of my brain returns with a hammer and hit me in the head full on.



3: Letting Fear Decide Your Decisions.
This is a really, really, enormous stupid thing to do! Do not ever let the ugly face of fear scare you to turning away from a chance. Don’t like me: I was too afraid to talk to this funny girl at work and then one day she left the town. She and I could have been best friends.

4: Being Modest.
Take the last cake. Say yes I can. Step up. I have missed great opportunities at work because I was afraid to put my hand up when the manager asked. Instead someone else got the chance to give a presentation for our biggest client, got noticed by the management team and got all the more interesting and funny opportunities








5: Avoiding Role Models.
This is also a very stupid thing to do. I used to have a really good friend. She always believed in herself and was not afraid of getting attention.  In the end our friendship ended. My then small ego and almost nonexistent self-esteem could not handle all the positive energy and power force she had. I called her too much. I called her an egocentric. I called her many stupid things just to explain why I could not hang with her anymore. Now she lives in another country with an amazing career. She would have been a great role model even today.

6: Being a Victim
This is a Classic: Being a victim. This stupid thing is more of a Lifestyle than a stupid thing you only do once.  I really used to be a victim. Whenever something bad happened in my life it was never my fault and I indulged in misery and felt sorry for myself. This was the reason I had no money. This was the reason I had a lousy job. And most of the people I hang out with at the time had the same kind of loser mentality. None of them told me to stop being a victim and take charge of my life.
Today I know that it’s not what happens to me that matters. What happens happens – and it happens to everybody. What matters is how I react to what happens. It’s my decisions not my conditions that shapes my life.



7: Waiting for a Guy to Ask Me Out
stupid 1Now this is a stupid way to waste time.  I used to be that kind of silly cow who expected guys to ask me out for a date. Instead of taking charge I waited for their initiative. That is so stupid.
My girlfriends told me that it was absolutely non-kosher for a girl to ask a guy out: It goes against everything a man stands for and it takes away his manhood they said to me, them spinsters….
So girl: GO out there and ask the guy you fancy for a date. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. And if he says no – so what? Then you have two things: More courage and more time to find a new guy to fancy.


8: Unprotected Sex
I know we are many who are extremely stupid when it comes to sex. This little rule is very easy to remember no matter if you are a guy or a girl: Don’t have unprotected sex. That’s it. Very easy to remember.

Nasty things can happen to you if you have unprotected sex. Off course I have had unprotected intercourse. What did you expect? The subtitle of this article was that I have done all of these stupid things on the list. And yes I have been there singing Halleluiahs when my period came.

If you are a guy: Don’t expect the girl to be on the pill. And even if she is: you can still get things with you from down there that you did not bargain for.
If you are a girl: You know this. Make sure to have those condoms ready to use. If he will not wear one then he will not get in. Simple, right?!

9: Old Men with Long Fingers
Back when I was a little girl we had a neighbor close to our vacation home. He liked little girls and liked to hugging us a little too tight, grabbing the ass when we was dancing and nasty things like that. It was not just me. I soon realized this old pig did this touching with my sister and my cousins. I told grownups but no one believed me. Or even worse: Some laughed a little and told me this kind of behavior was to be expect from an old man…
Being a little girl I did not know what to do. But if I could I would go back in time and tell myself to go in there and kick the fucker in the balls and yell at the top of my lungs: Stop touching me and my sister you sick sponge!
Don’t be stupid! Don’t touch children. And don’t be afraid to speak up!

10: Having an Eating disorder
Oh yes, this is a Classic! I used to be a stupid girl who changed what I ate and drank when I was on a date. Silly silly cow I was. Instead of actually ordering whatever I felt like eating I went for the small meal like the chick chicken or the vegetarian dish. To drink I ordered one beer.  This beer I could hold on to for a long time because I have heard from ‘reliable sources’ that guys get uncomfortable with girls who eat a lot and drink more than one small beer. So there I was watching one date after their other all eating well and drinking nice cold beers (in plural!) while I was playing the Nice Girl.
Such a stupid thing to do! Thank God today I know better and order whatever I feel like having.
Because it is really very simple: If I guy think it is okay for him to eat and drink but dislike it for a girl to do the same  – then he belong on a museum with the other dinosaurs.
ps. Remember girls: You must also pick up the bill sometimes.




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