10 things concerning women and cars…

(Women start driving, please!)

This just have to be said: Fellow Women out there: Get up , put your ass behind the wheel and start driving the car. NOW.womandriving

Why is it that so many women suddenly lose the ability to drive a car as soon as they get into a relationship? Look around you and into the cars driving by. Most likely there is a person with a penis sitting behind the wheel and a vagina siting next to him.

Why is it so?
She has a driver’s license. She probably used to drive a lot before she met the boyfriend. The car he is driving can even be hers. But still she sits on the passenger’s seat most of the time. Why is this so?

I have done some research on the subject. Asking neighbors, friends and totally strangers: Why don’t you drive anymore? And the answers are mostly very strange: They tell me things like: ‘I do not like to drive’ or ‘Highway driving makes me nervous’ or ‘my husband is just a better driver than me’…

Well let me tell you: Unless your husband came out of his mother vagina sitting on a car –car driving is not some super power he was  born with. Did you ever consider that the reason why he is a better driver simply is because he is more experienced! If you had more hours behind the wheel your skills soon would improve as well?


I know women who used to love driving. Now they are lousy drivers who get entangled in the belt and only drive the car when they are picking up groceries or driving home from the party when the husband is too drunk to drive. He drove to the party – you drive home…

Grown up women are acting like little girls when they suddenly hand over everything that concerns the car to their guy. If you are uncomfortable driving – then overcome it. Learn it. Find an empty parking lot and practice. You might even bring a friend to support and help you. Put on your favorite music. Just do it.


Stop being a sidekick.

Equality between men and women does not only take that men do their part. We as women must do our part as well.


  1. Take control. Put your ass behind the wheel
  2. Adjust the seat
  3. Adjust the mirrors (all the mirrors – the reverse and the side mirrors)
  4. Adjust the steering wheel
  5. Learn to reverse your car into a parking lot
  6. Lear to parallel park
  7. Stop being intimidated by high ways. They are just like normal roads except a little bigger
  8. If you can drive during the day – you can also drive during the night
  9. If you can drive at home you can also drive when you are abroad
  10. If you are nervous: find an empty parking lot and practice


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