Are Public Push Ups Necessary?

Doing push ups in public is normally not on my daily agenda. Especially not while wearing high heels and picking a spot in front of the historical church in Lund. But the point of making the comfort zone challenges is exactly that: Doing something I would not normally do.

Daring standing out in a crowd – Comfort Zone Challenge #4

The reason for doing push ups in a public area is to get over the fear of standing out. Most of us are inclined to hold back when it comes to doing something silly in front of others- like colleagues or even friends. I don’t think I am not the only one here to get boiling cheeks and sweaty palms in these situations?

What if this fear of public ridicule instead of protecting us from humiliating situations – actually holds us back? What if this fear keeps you from raising your hand and ask that question in front of a crowd? Or speak up when you disagree – or agree?

On the other hand doing public push ups might be silly for some. The point of comfort zone challenges is not in doing all the challenges no matter what. The point is to have the courage to pick the ones that scare you or make you uncomfortable – and just do it!

…in front of the church

Apart from me feeling utterly silly laying in the grass in front of the church – it was also a very valuable  experience. And as a result I will be less afraid of standing out. Next time I get the opportunity I will grab it (hopefully…Hey I am only human!).

I also learned that I need to work on those abs…



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  1. June says:

    I’m a fitness enthusiast who is 50 but gets mistaken quite frequently for age 35 (no kidding and I have the pics to prove it). They key to working out in public is to NOT GIVE A rip (putting it nicely). LOL.

    I am a heavy female weight lifter (I.e. 200 lb is considered a light lift to me) … and I do it ALL in public: jump squats / frogs / speed drills / PUSH UPS … etc. And I’m talking with traffic about 2 feet away from me (I do it right on the sidewalk).

    There are FEW women I wish to look like who are my age. The key is to know why you do what you do .. and to NOT care what others think. And it is my experience that once you do an exercise movement in public .. your brain FLIPS … realizes the world doesn’t end (darn! more politics) and you will survive.

    After that – you can do it anywhere.

    The number one comment I get from women half my age: “I’d like to look like you”. So get out there and do your thing!!! Great blog. xxoo

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