Comfort Zone Challenge #3: Hands to the Sky

This third Comfort zone Challenge was all about DESENSITIZATION. The challenge was to walk through a crowded place with my hands in the air.

Try taking a riskWHY?

Because very often we are afraid of being loud, sticking out from the crowd or just plainly doing something weird in public. The point of doing this challenge is to help me to desensitize myself. Or  in other words: Take away my fear of being silly in front of others.


So I went to the local shopping center and got ready…I thought it would be easy but to honest – when I got out of the car I started to get second thoughts. But I am a Woman on a  Mission so there was no turning back even though it felt weird…


After a first test on the parking area (pretending to stretch my arms – yes I was a chicken) – I did the challenge in the shopping center.

The strangest part was actually not walking with my arms up in the air. But that no one seem to notice or care…


The next Comfort Zone Challenge is coming soon. Next time I have to keep eye contact with strangers and give them a big smile

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