Comfort Zone Challenge # 1 – to lie down in a public place

So I did my first ComfortZoneChallenge! It was very uncomfortable at first – but after a few seconds it actually felt good. The challenge was to lie down on the street.

It does not matter

The first of the 22 challenges was to find a public place and lie down for at least 30 seconds. Why? Well to get over caring what others might think about you. It does not matter.

Me doing my first comfort zone challenge

Me doing my first comfort zone challenge

Finally, finally

I kept putting up doing my first challenge. It is so much easier said than done. All the time something came in the way like the dishes or calling my mom or watching House of Cards. But finally, finally I did it.

A local train station

So up came the day when I had a big event at work. I had spent several hours preparing for this and for obvious reasons I was a bit nervous. To spice things up I decided this was the perfect day to do my first ComfortZoneChallenge.

In the early morning on my way to work I drove to the local train station. My heart was beating fast and sweat was spreading on my body. I was nervous for what I knew was coming.

And then I stopped overthinking and just did it. I walked down to the platform and laid down – and took a picture of my feet to prove it.

Wow – I did it

Afterwards I felt so wonderfully brave and happy. On my way to the office a big smile was glued to my face. The afternoon presentation went extremely well – because first of all I had done something that felt worse than giving the presentation and secondly the fact that I had actually and finally done it made me in such a good mood that this feeling automatically elevated my performance to the skies.


If you want to learn more about the ComfortZoneChallenge – look at comfortzonesrusher

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