Dancing in Public

Aristotle believed courage to be the most important quality in a human.But it’s difficult to be brave and conquer your fears if you don’t know what they are. So being honest with yourself in the first place about what exactly those fears are – is the first important step. This is why I went dancing in the street.

Dancing in the street!

In my quest of bringing more courage to the world I did another of the Comfort Zone Challengers. This one is had me dancing in the street of Lund, Sweden.  As you can see in the link below it turned out to be quite funny.

Courage is a muscle

Courage is like a muscle. The same way you must go to the gym and work out to get strong and fit you must use the same technique to build your courage.  Basically: If you want to build a courageous character your muscle of courage must be continually strengthened. One way of doing this is by performing courageous acts.

Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible. Aristotle.

Dancing in the streets was an exercise in getting outside my comfort zone. Doing something silly that draws attention to me. Once again I confirmed that stepping outside the comfort zone is first of all not that scary and secondly it’s a great way to build my muscle of courage.

By the way. The old man Greek also said that practicing courage could make a hugh difference in your life. And that you never will accomplish anything in this world without courage.

So go out there and be brave.

Bringing more courage to the world. One post at a time

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