Living with Passion – and Tony Robbins 

Tony Robbins is a world authority on leadership and personal development. Millions of people from all over the world follow his programs, attend his seminars or read his bestselling books. 

But he cannot do it all alone. Joining him at the seminars is a team of a devoted crew and trainers to help the event run smoothly and on schedule. Heidi Droescher is one of them.


During the last 13 years she has travelled the world with Tony Robbins helping running the events and get a kick out if herself. 


Heidi Droescher is dancing on stage during UPW 2017,

Every trainer receives additional training each year to ensure they are experts in the very same strategies used by Tony Robbins

“I have attended at least 16 UPW’s and each time I learn something new!” Heidi Droescher is leaning back in her chair with a big smile.

She belongs to a small group of people in the world who has become a trainer within the Tony Robbins organization.


I met her in Copenhagen where she lives when she is not out traveling the world with Tony Robbins attending events like the UPW – Unleash the Power Within.

The First Time

It all started back in 2005. Heidi Droescher attended a seminar and it so happened that all the speakers that afternoon had attended the same Tony Robbins event in London: Unleash the Power Within and they spoke very highly of it.

I have attended at least 16 UPW’s and each time I learn something new

Back stage with Tony Robbins and his whife Sage

“I didn’t know who Tony Robbins was at the time but I thought it sounded quite interesting. I looked it up and the next UPW was already in 2 months so I just decided to give it a try”.

She laughs when she recalls how it all began; today she is one of few high level trainers in the Tony Robbins organization – but even for her there was a first time.

“During the event I called my best friend because the experience was so amazing and I just had to share it. I remember the music was loud and people were dancing. I was ecstatic. My friend told me afterwards that she was convinced I had joined a sect”.

Step by Step Nothing is Impossible

After London Heidi Droescher was hungry for more and signed up as a regular crew member at the UPW. To become a crew member you have to attend the event you want to work at; she did the UPW and one by one she participated in all the other Tony Robbins events and joined the crew.

Whatever you want; if you take it step by step nothing is impossible.

A Tony Robbins trainer is selected and intensely trained in Tony Robbins’ technologies and they all have a proven track record. You cannot purchase such a position. They are earned.












“Today I am a Tony Robbins trainer; we are only around 130 worldwide with this level of skills, and it’s a real privilege to be part of this small group.

However, I promise you, I was just a regular Heidi when I started. I did not set myself big goals or felt I could change the world. It just started step by step. I started as a crew member and took more educations offered by Tony. Whatever you want; if you take it step by step nothing is impossible.

As a TR trainer Heidi Droescher gets access to a unique education that is not available for anyone else.  Some of this training is done directly by Tony Robbins himself. If you ever have attended a Tony Robbins event you might have seen her dancing on the stage, high fiving you as you enter the room or she help you as you did the Fire Walk.

Logistics is Key

A trainer has not only achieved outstanding results in his or her own life, but also have put in countless hours of  work at the different events. Only the most effective and experienced gets promoted to be a Tony Robbins Trainer.

During the event as part of the crew Heidi Droescher does not always have time to listen to Tony Robbins on stage.  She is responsible for a group designated to different tasks. Running an event like UPW takes a lot of planning and coordination it’s like a well piled machine. When there are 8-10.000 participants’ logistics is key.

Sometimes it gets a little crazy.

“Our primary goal at UPW is to make sure the participants feel welcome and get as much out of the event as possible. We make sure they are being welcomed as they arrive. Some of the crew help the participants to find a place in the room; when the doors open, participants tend to rush inside in order to secure a good seat.

Sometimes it gets a little crazy. We answer questions during the events make sure everything is on schedule. When there are ten thousand people gathered together there is always someone who needs assistance in some way. Most people show up because they want to change something in their lives. During the event they may have some challenges that we work with them to resolve.” Basically making sure the participants get as good an experience as possible.

Fire Walker

As part of the UPW participants are doing the famous Fire Walk. This too takes a lot of organization. Heidi Droescher is making sure her team knows exactly what to do. She is in charge of her own fire lane helping thousands of participants to cross the fire and a mental border as well. “My job is to train the crew and making absolutely sure they now their part in it. It is important so no one gets hurt”.

if you can make it through the fire – you can make it through anything

Even though she has attended all of the Tony Robbins events several times she never gets tired of it “It’s like watching your favorite movie over and over again, you see and hear something different each time. All because you are in a different place. Tony’s message is so powerful”

The Fire Walk has been a part of UPW for 35 years. Hundreds of thousands of participants all over
the world have done it. A Fire Walk isn’t just a mind-over-matter process.

”There is so much energy and love in the room. I just can’t get enough of that feeling”

Walking over hot coals is a symbolic experience that gives participants the courage to take on any challenge. After all, if you can make it through the fire – you can make it through anything.

“People who have completed the Fire Walk report a renewed certainty and self-assuredness that carries into every aspect of their lives. After the Fire Walk many participants report having found the inner strength to address what’s holding them back in their career, their health or in their relationships”, says Heidi Droescher who has helped thousands of people to complete their Fire Walk.

”Somethines we have a dream but tell ourself that it is impossible to achieve. We say to ourselves that it is better not to reach for it because you risk disapointment. But most of the time the goal is closer than we think”.

“You see, the lesson of the Fire Walk is not about the fire. It is about what it takes to get through it. If you can get past the fear of walking on fire then consider what else you can do with your life. ”Says Heidi Droescher.

Change the Negative Patterns

Back in 2005 after her first UPW Heidi Droescher made some major changes in her own life. “I had a great job but realized it was not really what I wanted to do. Instead I studied to be a coach and that off course was a good match with my new found passion for Tony Robbins teachings.”

And she never looked back. Today she described herself as happy in the truest sense like she never was before in her old job. “I still off course have bad days but the difference from before is that I quickly move on. I do not linger in the pain and suffering and dig a deep hole. I have learned to change my negative patterns and make that decision to move on.”

I have a fundamental belief in that I can accomplish what I set my mind to do

Today Heidi Droescher travels all over the world; enjoying the friendship and network of being a part of the Tony Robbins organization. “Your life is a reflection of the people you surround yourself with. That’s why it’s important to choose your peers. My life is just how I want it to be. I stopped a long time ago asking myself weather I can do this or that. If there is something I like to do- I do it or find a way to do it. I have a fundamental belief in that I can accomplish what I set my mind to do”.

Flame of Life

This mindset is a cornerstone for Heidi Droescher during the events because sometimes she meets participants who really are in need of help.

Life is about choice – what is yours?

“Some come and listen to Tony as their last try to find hope. I have met several who were on the edge of suicide telling me it they don’t find a reason to live it’s over. But there is always hope because that is why they turn up in the first place; they still have the flame of life inside of them. All I have to do is to give it a bit of air to make it burn stronger. The vital questions always are: What meaning are you giving it? Life is about choice – what is yours?”

3 Things to learn from Heidi Droescher

1: Ask yourself: Are you happy?

It might sound very ordinary but this is a vital question to ask yourself. If your journey ended today would it be okay? Have you achieved in life what you wanted? When asked this questions most people respond by saying there still are things they like to do. Well – then start doing it.

2: Ask yourself: What makes you happy?

When asked this question most people do not know what to answer because they forgot. They are stuck in doing things that makes other people happy. I meet al lot of people who says “theres got to be more in life that this…”but they don’t know how to find it

3: Can you change your state?

The quality of your life depends on your attitude. Pick a good one. If you are in a bad mood you can change your state, your mood, by moving your body. Go for a run. Walk the dog. Make a list of five things you are grateful for. Don’t let the mood control you. You are always in charge of your mood, your state.

All pictures used in this article are with the curtesy of Heidi Droescher


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