My Bucket List

After some thoughts I came up with these items for my bucket list:

  1. Visiting New Zeeland
  2. See the Chinese Wall
  3. See the Nasca Drawings
  4. Live by the sea
  5. Travel to the Caribbean
  6. Try Scuba Diving
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. See the Grand Canyon
  9. Visit Las Vegas
  10. Live in another country for more than 6 months
  11. Give a presentation to a large audience
  12. Christmas in New York
  13. Visit Paris in the Spring
  14. Write a book and get published
  15. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  16. Slow dance in the rain
  17. Climb a mountain
  18. VIsit a rainforest
  19. Ride a gondola in Venice

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