Peyback TV and Social Experiments in Copenhagen

Peyman Khalili is a rising star on the heaven of comedy in Denmark. His list of pranks is long and can be seen at Peyback TV on YouTube. However where Khalili really shows his talent is in his social experiments. Like testing if anybody will help a kidnapped girl, stop a guy from beating his girlfriend or defend a muslim.


Peyback TV do pranks in Copenhagen

Imagine this: You are walking down the street and suddenly a young girl tucks a note in your hand. The note says: “Help me. I am kidnapped.” What would you do? Help her or walk away?

This should be a no-brainer. Right? You help the girl! However this is not the case. Actually quite far from it.


This should be a no-brainer. Right? You help the girl!

Your reaction will most likely depend on whether you are a man or a woman.  If you are a woman the chances the girl will be saved is higher. Because a guy getting that note will most likely just keep walking.

Ignoring the Kidnapped Girl

This is exactly what happened in Copenhagen a couple of months ago. Peyman Khalili and his team from Peyback TV decided to test this kidnapping scenario. He used actors to play the roles and set the scene in broad daylight.

The result is scary and surprising. The video clearly shows how no man is reacting to the note from the girl. Most just keep walking and some even threw the note away – after reading it. The only ones taking action were women.

Is it Worth it?

I asked Peyman Khalili why in his opinion only women reacted and tried helping the girl.

“Men tend to think about the consequences a lot more than women does. A guy probably thinks about what if he helps the girl and then he gets into a fight with the kidnapper. What will happen if I intervene? Is it worth it? I believe men have this question in their minds all the time: “Is it worth it?”


Men think about this a lot more than women do. If nobody else is doing anything well then it is probably ok and I do not have to do something either. Where to my experience women tend to act without thinking and then the reaction comes afterwards.”

Not Even Calling the Police

Watching the video I wonder why these guys don’t even call the police. I understand if they are afraid of getting into a fight. They could stand on the other side of the street and shout out loud: “Hey – are you OK?”


These guys don’t even call the police

“A lot of men asked to be removed from the video. I think they are embarrassed about their lack of reaction. Afterwards they told me “Well, I was going to call the police’ however my video clearly shows they were walking away. We gave some of them 5-10 minutes to call the police. But they did not until they realized they were on camera,” Peyman Khalili explains.

The Muslim Girl

But men do react. In their recent social experiment Peyback TV wanted to see how Danes respond to the discrimination of a Muslim girl in a park.

In this scenario a Muslim girl is being harassed because of her head scarf. Several men intervene and stop the intruder from pulling the scarf from her head. They say things like: Leave her alone – this is a free country. She is allowed to dress as she likes. Are you stupid or what?”

I do not know what to read into these two different scenarios and how apparently men and women react differently when it comes to helping strangers. I hope I will have the courage to step up.


Leave her alone – this is a free country

Just watch Peyback TV and take a minute to think about this question: How would you react?

(This video is in Danish – but I am confident that you can understand it anyway)


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