Still Going Strong!

Do you remember Louise Johansson The Long Goodbye ? Well she is still going strong and this weekend she opend up her very own webshopp LouAndDesign   follow the link an check it out!

Louise’s shop invites you to go exploring

Louise has terminal cancer. But she is strong and determined and have beaten the doctors predictions. The gave her a year to live. That year is long gone and Louise keeps on living. Going Strong!

You can find love clothes for children – both by Louise’s own design and other brands

This weekend she fullfills one of her biggest dreams: Opening her very own shop with design the made herself.

Since the shop is placed in a small island in Sweden you can also find on the web. Go and have a look! I know I will…

In her shop you can find clothes as well as toys and seasonal decorations

Louise Johansson is a kite surfing badass and now also an entrepreneur

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