Sporrekulla – Home of the Old Resistance

Some historians say that Denmark and Sweden are the two nations in the world that have been most at war. With each other that is. Since 1521 there have been at least 11 wars between us.

Scania is full of castles and ruins that will tell you the history of these wars. But there is also another history –one that took place outside the castles and noble families. One is told at Sporrekulla; an old farm house hidden well in the deep forests. This was the home of the Snapphane resistance group.

Sporrekulla is the name of an old farm located in the North Eastern corner of Scania. It is hidden deep in the forest between mosquitos,  lakes and tall pine trees. Getting here is difficult because even the GPS seem to have trouble finding the right roads. But when you arrive I assure you it will be worth it….