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Astronaut Jessica Meir and the bitter sweet choices of life

Would you strap yourself onto a 200 ton rocket and 3 million liter of fuel? Voluntarily that is. The thought alone would probably scare the shits out of most people. Jessica Meier on the other hand can’t wait for her name to show up on the list. Soon she will be on her way to the International Space Station. 

What makes people follow their dreams?

As kids we all had dreams. Some of us wanted to be pilots while others planned to become doctors, actresses or just famous. For me from the first time I saw the movie ALIEN I wanted to be Ellen Ripley.

Along the way, however, most of our dreams get disrupted. One day we are grown up and realize that we are not even in the same neighborhood as the dreams we once had.

Sometimes it is because we formed new dreams along the way. But mostly it’s because we’re told that our dreams aren’t realistic. And so we slowly stop chasing after them.

I did not get to be an alien fighting, space traveling super woman. I spend my days in an office selling stuff. My mother didn’t get to be an actress; thinking about it – who do I know that are living their dream?

Welcome to Brain And Soul

Welcome to Brain And Soul

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…life is so much more than working from 9 – 5 year in and year out…!

There must be more to life than working on somebody else’s dream; hoping that when I retire I have saved enough money and health to go and do all the things I have postponed.

But since politicians are changing the age of retirement, taxes are rising and banks are not to be trusted – who knows how the world is going to look like when I turn 70?

I dream of being free

I live in Southern Sweden with my husband and our two dogs. I do not have dogs instead of children. I have dogs because I love dogs. I am not crazy about kids.

Every day I go to work and dream of becoming financially free. I dream of the day where I set the agenda; I decide when to get out of bed and decide how I want to spend the precious hours of my life.