Why God Created Thailand

I like things I can depend on. In winter birds fly South, a bus always comes just as you lit up a cigarette and winter depression in January.  A fancy word for winter depression is Winter Blues – but dressing up a monkey in high heals and a fancy dress still makes it a monkey.

Winter is why God created Thailand

Seasonal depression hits for me, like clockwork, the second day of the year. After the hangover and the left overs are eaten there is no way out but to face the inevitable. A new year is here to stay and it starts with the worst month of them all. It is 31 days of a weather that has more in common with porridge that anything meteorological. Let’s face it: January is why God created Thailand. Just like she created Norway just to show of (do a quick search for Norway on Google and you will know what I mean) she created Thailand to show Scandinavians how wonderful life is – somewhere else than here.

Exciting as Cold Coffee 

Some people like to call this way I am feeling ‘Winter Blues’ instead of Winter Depression. I admit it has a much better ring to it. Winter Blues gives associations of a secret bar in a basement somewhere, in the background a piano is playing a sad tune and there are people drinking heaps of whiskey. But that just makes it more romantic that what it really is.

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