The Small Scale Approach to Courage

You probably already heard that growth begins where your comfort zone ends. To visit the outer rims of your comfort zone and even crossing over some times is where your courage grows. Building courage can be done in a small scale approach.

Howling in the street!
In my mission in bringing more courage to the world one blog post at a time I performed the howling challenge. This is from the list created by Till Gross that you can find on his blog

Behaving silly in public might seem – well silly and maybe even pointless to some. But honestly – most of the funny things in life are just that: Silly but they are definitely not pointless. The goal is to have more fun in life and build courage.

Has doing all these challenges helped me in my life: You bet it has! Not only do I feel much braver I am also less worried about making mistakes. And I think that is a winning recipe for creating great things in life.

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