Do You Dare to Pick a Strawberry?

Have you ever felt like there was a time when you were surrounded by several exciting possibilities and then suddenly they were all gone? When we are young we tend to look at life as a big smorgasbord filled with different delicacies. But then time passes and all that is left are the liver sausages and 2 warm sodas.

Well at least that is how I feel sometimes. And I remember this story I heard as a kid about how life is not like a smorgasbord but more like sitting in an apple tree.

Apples and Opportunities

Life can be compared to sitting in a beautiful apple tree. When you get up there you enjoy the view of all the beautiful apples that surround you.

Every single apple represents an opportunity in your life. You have to pick one and the big question is: Which apple do you want. Nothing happens until you make a decision.

Nothing happens until you make a decision