Van Diaries: A new member of the Family

Today we got a new member of our family. Its big and blue and from 1996 a Chevrolet Astro Van. Americans call it a mini-van. But here in Scandinavia we just call it a Van.

We bought it from a a guy who had decided to get a more pratical car instead (in Scandinavia that means a car that is more environmetal friendly) . We looked at the Van as thourough as we could– none of us are car experts and the Van seemed okay.

IMG_0079So we did the handshake thing, signed all the papers and off we went. The journey home was a slow ride on the highway where even the tractors overtook us because we were driving so slow.

I don’t know for sure but I think the guy we bought it from draw a hugh breath of relief when the Van disappeared from his property and out of sight. Maybe we just did a very bad deal. Time will show.

Coming home and having the possibility to really look at what we just had bought we realized that the AC do not work, the Van is very, very thirsty, its dropping oil and it seems like the nice new carpet actually was preventing us from noticing the water on the flooring and sealings. Apparently water comes in where it should not.
Well the Husband is not worried. And if he believed he can fix he whom am I to question it?!

I am looking forward to springtime and our first cruise in the Van. Maybe do a little hike, having a camp fire, a cold beer and watching the sunset.

The plan is to go to North America next year and travel around for half a year. Getting this Van is kind of a preparation for that trip.




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