Why getting fired was the best that ever happened to me

I will be the first one to admit that while it is never easy being brave it will always be worthwhile. It is just that sometimes you have to let time pass until you can actually see the benefits. Bravery wont always guarantee your success. But it will always precede it. I learned this the hard way by getting fired.

Bad Accusations Made Up

Some years ago I had a manager and she and I did not…well lets just say we didn’t sing the same tune. One day I got a phone call from here telling me there had been some accusations made against me from customers. It sounded quite bad. I was chocked and could not understand where this came from.

At first I felt devastated. But imagine the mixture of relief and surprise when after a few phone calls I realized the accusations were all false and made up by my manager.

So I did the only thing I could do: I called the manager of my manager. I told him what had happened.

Standing Up was the Only Way Out

From there it was a bit messy but in the end my manager gave me an apology. Fighting back was definitely not the easy choice. My manager was a very powerful person and I felt very small and alone. I was afraid that no one would believe me – why would she lie like that. But I had to choose between letting her treat me bad or stand up for my self and face the consequences. In the end I had really no choice.

I knew then that what ever relation we had had now was completely gone. So I was not surprised when six month later she announced my services was not required anymore.

But here comes the BONUS: Leaving that job was the best that have happened to me. It gave me the opportunity to find another place to work – a place where I go happily to work every day.

Be Stronger, Braver and Bolder

Fear steers us away from risk and towards safety or at least that is what we think. I could have just accepted my managers accusations. But then I would have fallen mindlessly into the path of least resistance. That path very rarely leads to anywhere worth traveling to.

Sometimes your bravery will be rewarded. Your risk will pay off:  You get that job or the pay raise. You close the sale or get a date. And to be honest. sometimes it wont – you might lose your job.

But who you become by the bravery you have shown will always leave you better off: Stronger. Braver. Bolder.

Life is short. Don’t go to the grave knowing the opportunities you never got was not because of others. It was because you did not have the courage to seek or seize them.


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